How to use this website

This document is for help on how to use this website like posting and viewing adverts, contacting an advertiser, site general browsing, creating an account, viewing one ‘s profile, adverts, how many people looked at your Ad, renewal of expired Ads and many more. For a list of our Frequently Asked Questions click here. Should you not find the help you need, don’t hesitate to contact us.
Posting an Ad

First get your advert pictures and all details ready then log into this website. If you do not know what information to prepare for your advert just go through this tutorial and you will know everything.
Every seller is required to have an account with us. To create one, click on the human icon top right hand side corner of the screen (see image below). Then on the child window click on register.

On the popup window shown below, fill in your e-mail address, phone number and physical address like 06 Namokwe Road so that people who will be viewing your adverts will know where to find you (when you are done you will be logged in automatically).

Once you are registered with this website each time you want to submit a new advert you won’t have to fill in your contacts because the system has already stored them.
To log out of your account, click on the power button symbol next to the human icon (see image below).

To update or view your profile like changing your user name or adding a profile picture (while logged in), click the human icon again. This will show your profile. Scroll down and click browse to add a picture that will be displayed beside every advert you submit. Don’t forget to click update changes when you are done (see images below).

If you try to post your ad when you are not logged in you will not be able to continue (see image below).

To submit your Ad to our website for listing click on Post an Ad (see image below).

And on the next screen select 2Free ads forever.

Next you have to fill in your Advert details (If you are not logged in yet it’s time to or click on register). The information below is required from you for your advert Click on a user icon to login or register (see image below).

• Title = The title of your advert like “Corolla Spacio 1998 model for sale” (Keep it short & clear)
Few notes on Advert Title
Give your Ad a specific and short title e.g. do not say vehicle for sale but rather say Toyota Corolla 2007 Model for sale. Do not describe your Advert under title and do not put any url  or phone number in the title. Leave that for description section.

The following titles are best recommended examples:-
*Sarah’s Boutique
*Amos‘s Auto Spares
*Freelance Website Designer
*TechCentre Solutions
*Toyota Corolla 2007 Model for sale
*Men and Women Designer Clothes
*House for sale in Woodlands
*Buhobe Vegan Restaurant
Price K (Zambian Kwacha, If you are outside Zambia google the exchange rate to US Dollar and write the Kwacha equivalent amount. DO NOT PUT A MISLEADING PRICE) = your product price (do not include comas like 2000,000 or the system will give you an error). Just write your price like this 2000000 comas will be added automatically. If you have many products you may put a price for one then put other prices on the description section. If it’s a service business just leave the price field empty.
Location = choose your town not a province. If you are a Zambian living in diaspora choose diaspora or if you are a non-Zambian choose other countries and on the address section indicate your country and town e.g. Ben Bella Road # 2984, Windhoek, Namibia so that people viewing your Ad know where you are posting from. Click the arrow cycled in the picture below to choose your location.
* Tip on location

Address = enter your street or town address like Namokwe Road # 8946 (do not put a town since it’s already chosen under location above). For other countries write your address in full like Ben Bella road # 2984, Windhoek, Namibia.
Category = choose only category (s) applicable to your advert. If you are not sure in which category to put your Ad, click here to go to all categories page and familiarize yourself so that you are better informed in which category your Ad will be listed in.

Photos = click on the + sign (see image below) and upload up to 5 pictures for your advert (each pictures must not exceed 3MB in size).

Description = this is where you have to describe your advert in full. Write three short paragraphs. State if your products are new or used, shipping etc. The information you write here will be displayed your advert details page and it’s on this location that all your PDF, word and compressed documents will be accessed and downloadable from.
All adverts will be analyzed by the Administrator at Zambia Classifieds prior to listing. Insolent words are not allowed!
When you are done posting your Ad click the power button next to the human icon top right hand side of the screen (see image below) to log out of your account. Don’t forget!

On the advert area (on home page) bottom right hand side of the slide there are two buttons (see image below). The left button is for Adverts grid view and the right is for list view. Try them and see which style you like!

To view a classified, click on its thumbnail (see picture below) and you will be redirected to a page with more details of that particular advert like description, location more photos and seller‘s phone number and e-mail contact option through a form.

To contact an advertiser by e-mail click on send this seller a message (see image below) and a child window will slide down. Fill in your names, phone number, e-mail address and your message then click send – your e-mail will be send to that advertiser instantly.

While you are on the adverts details page, scroll down for quick access to more classifieds. You will also see a tab labelled ‘relevant’. Click on it to show popular and latest Ads tabs (see images below).

To view all adverts posted by an individual or your own Ads, (when you are on adverts details page) click on that seller‘s profile image or click on the small + sign. Note that you have to be on Advert details page for you to be able to see or click on a seller’s profile image.

To see how many people viewed your Ad, delete a listing from our website or renew your expired advert, log into your account and go to your profile (by clicking on the user icon that is when you are logged in) then click on your listings tab (see image below).