Posted at March 29, 2017


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It’s unquestionable that online advertising will soon surpass posters, televisions, newspapers and radios advertising. It’s still relatively new as compared to these long established advertising mediums and its growing at a faster rate while offline advertising is not. The growth in advertising is due to two factors; its growing penetration and more advertisements being shifted to the Internet. As more and more people begin to use the internet and realize its potential, they spend dozens of hours searching for services and products. Your prospective customers are searching the web too and your competitors are already online. You want to compete?

Offline advertising’s days are numbered for a number of reasons:-

  • Not always available when you need them
  • Not as clear and detailed as online advertisements
  • More expensive than internet advertising
  • Limited control and errors cannot be corrected once printed
  • Ads come and disappear in short space
  • Unlike internet, in an archive of many years’ printouts, it can take hours or days to find a particular advert.
  • It’s slowly being replaced by digital-oriented life style.

Join our classified advertising where all people from all walks of life meet. You may have your own website dedicated to advertising your business and may think why advertise on another website! Well, the fact is your website may only be visited by those who already know your business and what you offer. But how about those would be customers but do not know that your business exists? This is where you need a high traffic and cutting edge classifieds website that brings all types of sellers and buyer to one spot. Be known by placing a banner on our home page slider that links to your website or listing details page. Showcase your products or services on Zambia’s No.1 Classifieds Platform. Call us today to discuss your needs

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